Phone Loan on Banks 2019

We all know that the installment options on the phones are constantly updated. Even the installment options on the postpaid line provided by the operator companies were restricted and arranged between 3 and 6 months .

Afterward, in November 2018, it was increased to 12 months and the consumer’s hand was lightened. When this was the case, the individuals who wanted to get a phone call and who had a shortage of cash had a hard time. If you want to buy a phone in installments, you can take a look at the phone loans offered by banks.

What is Phone Credit?

phone loan

Phone credit is a credit option that can be used from banks to get a phone call. In phone loans, the logic is the same as in consumer loans. In fact, there is no credit option in the name of telephone credit, as can be understood from the name of the consumer loans according to the needs of customers with various campaign names are revised and offered to customers by banks. The general name of these loans is shopping loans. Shopping credit can be used as credit options that we can use to meet our daily needs.

With these installment restrictions on phones, individuals naturally want to meet their phone needs by using different options. He can say that in such cases, both the bank and the stores selling products have made various campaigns by making agreements. In this article, you can see the various campaigns of both banks and technology stores, and you can use your shopping credit with the campaign that suits you best.

Zero Interest Phone Loans Banks?

Zero Interest Phone Loans Banks?

Those who would like to take a phone call using credit will of course first look at the interest rates and prefer the bank with the most appropriate interest rate. However, as we mentioned in the first part of our article, it is even possible to use zero-interest loans with the agreements made by some technology stores and banks. So, what should we do to get a zero-interest phone loan? What are the banks that offer zero-interest phone loans?

What are the Banks that Provide Phone Loans?

In addition to such campaigns, there are also banks that allow you to have a phone by using credit. You can choose the ones with low-interest rates from these banks and you can use the loan that suits you best. Interest rates are slightly lower than general-purpose loans.

Tel Bank installs all your shopping needs up to 36 months with an agreement. You can visit your Tel Bank Credit Corner at Media Lend stores and instantly install your shopping, you can do your shopping without leaving even 1 TL. By choosing this credit option, you can buy a phone and install it in minimum 5 and maximum of 36 months. Interest rates vary according to maturity options.

You can visit Tel Bank or Media Lend website to apply for this loan. We share the link below for you to apply. We recommend that you read all the details and conditions of the loan before applying.

Cell Bank has also arranged a credit option for its customers who want to shop from anywhere without making a deal with any store. You can use your loan from İş Bank with a maturity of up to 36 months with 1.22 interest rates and make phone calls from the store that offers you the best price. You can get detailed information about this loan from İş Bank’s official website and visit the branches directly.

Are there any phone lending places outside the banks?

Are there any phone lending places outside the banks?

It is possible to say that there are some options outside the banks where you can use credit. For example, you can use credit on your postpaid line. For this, you can read our post on postpaid credit and get detailed information. Other than that, if you are in a bad record with banks and cannot use credit, you can visit alternative credit options to banks by visiting the section called credit with the deed .

However, in some cases, you need to pay attention to the scammers. For example, there are some companies claiming that they will use a loan by asking you to prepay. There is absolutely no such method! After you make a prepayment, the mentioned companies will probably never see you again and will block you from anywhere. It is worth remembering that you should investigate the companies that want you to make prepayment and you should definitely learn whether such companies are legal or not.


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