What is a Credit Card Security Code?

Credit card, which is one of the most used payment tools of today, enables shopping without having to carry cash. Both cash and installment shopping is possible via credit card. In case of emergency, cash needs can be met by credit card. Credit card is the first payment tool for online shopping. With the increase in the opportunities and areas of use of credit cards, it has become compulsory to take some security measures. The measures taken by banks to ensure the security of card users include the credit card security code called CVV. CVV is the 3-digit number on the back of the credit card.


What is a Credit Card Security Code?

Credit Card Security Code?

The question of what is CVV in the simplest way:

  • CVV can be said to be a code developed to protect and secure the information of credit card users.
  • The CVV consists of 3 or 4 digits and is located on the back of the credit card.
  • If the figures are more than 3 digits , they are called CVV2 .
  • What is the last three digits of the information that the definition of the 4-digit security number on the top right corner on the back of credit cards issued in response to a question CVV2.

It was first used by Visa in 2001 .

  • CVC in Mastercard system,
  • In the Visa card system it is called CVV.
  • On Amerixan Express cards it is known as CID. This security code is only printed on the credit card and cannot be found in any other documents. The code is personal and only the cardholder needs to know.

With the spread of online shopping, additional security measures were needed. It is a necessity for the financial security of the card user that the credit card information is not used by others and remains private. The importance of the CVV security code that helps prevent credit card fraud can be explained in this way. Shopping process cannot be completed without the security code. This code, which is only known to the credit card holder, ensures shopping security.

How to Find CVV

card security

Credit card CVV code learning process is quite simple.

For this:

  • Just look at the signature band on the back of the card.
  • The last 3 of the digits in the signature band are considered as security codes.
  • With this code, the card user can shop safely over the internet.

However, in some cases the CVV code may be deleted. In this case, what is required is to learn the security code by going to the relevant bank branch or calling the customer service of the bank . The bank official asks the card user for some credentials before providing the security code. If he doesn’t get the right answers to his questions, he won’t give the CVV code.

If the credit card security code has been deleted, the necessary action is to ask the bank to renew the credit card. In case of deletion of CVV, it is possible to renew the credit card twice a year free of charge by the bank.

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