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Phone Loan on Banks 2019

We all know that the installment options on the phones are constantly updated. Even the installment options on the postpaid line provided by the operator companies were restricted and arranged between 3 and 6 months .

Afterward, in November 2018, it was increased to 12 months and the consumer’s hand was lightened. When this was the case, the individuals who wanted to get a phone call and who had a shortage of cash had a hard time. If you want to buy a phone in installments, you can take a look at the phone loans offered by banks.

What is Phone Credit?

phone loan

Phone credit is a credit option that can be used from banks to get a phone call. In phone loans, the logic is the same as in consumer loans. In fact, there is no credit option in the name of telephone credit, as can be understood from the name of the consumer loans according to the needs of customers with various campaign names are revised and offered to customers by banks. The general name of these loans is shopping loans. Shopping credit can be used as credit options that we can use to meet our daily needs.

With these installment restrictions on phones, individuals naturally want to meet their phone needs by using different options. He can say that in such cases, both the bank and the stores selling products have made various campaigns by making agreements. In this article, you can see the various campaigns of both banks and technology stores, and you can use your shopping credit with the campaign that suits you best.

Zero Interest Phone Loans Banks?

Zero Interest Phone Loans Banks?

Those who would like to take a phone call using credit will of course first look at the interest rates and prefer the bank with the most appropriate interest rate. However, as we mentioned in the first part of our article, it is even possible to use zero-interest loans with the agreements made by some technology stores and banks. So, what should we do to get a zero-interest phone loan? What are the banks that offer zero-interest phone loans?

What are the Banks that Provide Phone Loans?

In addition to such campaigns, there are also banks that allow you to have a phone by using credit. You can choose the ones with low-interest rates from these banks and you can use the loan that suits you best. Interest rates are slightly lower than general-purpose loans.

Tel Bank installs all your shopping needs up to 36 months with an agreement. You can visit your Tel Bank Credit Corner at Media Lend stores and instantly install your shopping, you can do your shopping without leaving even 1 TL. By choosing this credit option, you can buy a phone and install it in minimum 5 and maximum of 36 months. Interest rates vary according to maturity options.

You can visit Tel Bank or Media Lend website to apply for this loan. We share the link below for you to apply. We recommend that you read all the details and conditions of the loan before applying.

Cell Bank has also arranged a credit option for its customers who want to shop from anywhere without making a deal with any store. You can use your loan from İş Bank with a maturity of up to 36 months with 1.22 interest rates and make phone calls from the store that offers you the best price. You can get detailed information about this loan from İş Bank’s official website and visit the branches directly.

Are there any phone lending places outside the banks?

Are there any phone lending places outside the banks?

It is possible to say that there are some options outside the banks where you can use credit. For example, you can use credit on your postpaid line. For this, you can read our post on postpaid credit and get detailed information. Other than that, if you are in a bad record with banks and cannot use credit, you can visit alternative credit options to banks by visiting the section called credit with the deed .

However, in some cases, you need to pay attention to the scammers. For example, there are some companies claiming that they will use a loan by asking you to prepay. There is absolutely no such method! After you make a prepayment, the mentioned companies will probably never see you again and will block you from anywhere. It is worth remembering that you should investigate the companies that want you to make prepayment and you should definitely learn whether such companies are legal or not.


Acquisition of credits: the impact of rising interest rates

For more than two years, the interest rates charged by the banks as part of the real estate have steadily declined. This historically exceptional situation was the consequence of the monetary policy conducted by the European Centrum Bank. To revive the European economy at half-mast, the ECB (European Centrum Bank) has significantly lower rates. Today, against the Federal Reserve (FED) which decides to increase rates, Europe has chosen to do the same. In this sense, interest rates on mortgages began to rise in December. What does this increase mean for people who want to start a credit buyback process?

Rates that remain more interesting than before

Rates that remain more interesting than before

It appears that the interest rate curve reached a low level at the end of 2016. The rate hike remains significant in recent weeks. It is therefore still time for the latecomers to make a request for redemption of credits to reduce the overall cost of his real estate. It is very likely that the curve will not reverse again. It should then start this procedure quickly enough to avoid seeing the rates rise again.

Financial restructuring: an unwavering buoy for indebted households

Financial restructuring: an unwavering buoy for indebted households

The repurchase of loans made by specialized banking organizations does not have the same purpose as a repurchase of standard credit in bank branch. Indeed, the grouping of loans aims to reduce the household debt ratio in order to regain a new budget. The rise in interest rates does not affect the enthusiasm of households for this financial solution. In addition, borrowers who opt for a mortgage re-mortgage will continue to benefit from more attractive borrowing conditions than under the original consumers.

In short, the rate hike is to be relativized. Real estate loan conditions remain more interesting than before. To avoid a further increase, it is necessary to initiate this operation as soon as possible.

Lending to the Entire Apartment | Loans


Allowing other banks to use loans for only a certain part of the house can play a restrictive role for some customers who want to buy a house, making it difficult. Thus it is of great importance for this type of customers to use credit over the entire fee of the apartment. If you see yourself in this customer category or just curious, you can continue reading our article to learn how to use the loan from various banks for the whole house, how to use the down payment and other details. Banks that give credit to the whole apartment ;

Is it possible to withdraw credit to the whole apartment?


Good Finance and Good Lender Bank are at the top of the 2018 list of non- paid home loans . Generally, it is possible to see Good Lender Bank  when looking at the banks that give loans without a down payment. If you want to be a host without a down payment, you can take a look at the campaigns implemented by these banks. We will explain how to get credit from these banks in the following article.

As it is known, the first method preferred by those who want to buy housing is to use a housing loan. However, banks generally allow the use of loans up to a certain rate. Well, can I borrow the whole house? What are the mentioned rates? As it is known, according to the news published in the Official Gazette in 2011, with the decision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, the amount of loan use in housing loans is at most 75 percent. As a result of the decision taken out of this rate, the down payment cannot be used. Despite this rule, it is still possible to use credit for the price of the whole house.

So, how to use credit to the whole house? 75 percent of the housing you want to buy by the law you use the loan you need to use, for the remaining 25 percent of the bank opens a separate credit account and makes you pretend to use another loan. For example; You have used a housing loan, your limit has expired, you can apply for a loan such as the bank for the remaining fee. Thus, the price of the whole house you want to buy with credit. For the second loan you will use, the monthly payment amount plays an important role. By calculating the monthly amount of the loan, this amount should not exceed the registered recorded income. Otherwise, the bank may be reluctant to give you credit.

Good Finance Receiving Credit for the Whole House

Good Finance Receiving Credit for the Whole House

How to get a down payment home loan Good Finance? ‘I choose my house, I can easily pay with Good Finance!’

  • Go to the home page, and when you go to the loans tab, you’ll see a lot of types of credits: personal support loans, workplace loans, and so on.
  • Select the mortgage for which you want to use a mortgage and click continue.
  • You will then be presented with a form that will provide you with a variety of information called the basic application form.
  • In this form, you can apply for the loan after entering the desired TC ID number, credit amount, maturity, nearest branch information.

Good Lender Bank Receiving Home Loans

Good Lender Bank Receiving Home Loans

How can Good Lender Bank receive a down payment ? With the motto of leaving today’s house to tomorrow, Good Lender Bank offers its customers advantages such as appropriate interest rates and maturity opportunities. With these advantages, you can make a maturity up to 120 months, and you can use credit for up to 80% of the appraised value of the house you want to buy. A mortgage is placed on the housing you want to buy so that the bank can secure itself. The Bank may request additional collateral if deemed necessary. In addition, life insurance, housing insurance and compulsory earthquake insurance are compulsory for the duration of your loan.

What is a Credit Card Security Code?

Credit card, which is one of the most used payment tools of today, enables shopping without having to carry cash. Both cash and installment shopping is possible via credit card. In case of emergency, cash needs can be met by credit card. Credit card is the first payment tool for online shopping. With the increase in the opportunities and areas of use of credit cards, it has become compulsory to take some security measures. The measures taken by banks to ensure the security of card users include the credit card security code called CVV. CVV is the 3-digit number on the back of the credit card.


What is a Credit Card Security Code?

Credit Card Security Code?

The question of what is CVV in the simplest way:

  • CVV can be said to be a code developed to protect and secure the information of credit card users.
  • The CVV consists of 3 or 4 digits and is located on the back of the credit card.
  • If the figures are more than 3 digits , they are called CVV2 .
  • What is the last three digits of the information that the definition of the 4-digit security number on the top right corner on the back of credit cards issued in response to a question CVV2.

It was first used by Visa in 2001 .

  • CVC in Mastercard system,
  • In the Visa card system it is called CVV.
  • On Amerixan Express cards it is known as CID. This security code is only printed on the credit card and cannot be found in any other documents. The code is personal and only the cardholder needs to know.

With the spread of online shopping, additional security measures were needed. It is a necessity for the financial security of the card user that the credit card information is not used by others and remains private. The importance of the CVV security code that helps prevent credit card fraud can be explained in this way. Shopping process cannot be completed without the security code. This code, which is only known to the credit card holder, ensures shopping security.

How to Find CVV

card security

Credit card CVV code learning process is quite simple.

For this:

  • Just look at the signature band on the back of the card.
  • The last 3 of the digits in the signature band are considered as security codes.
  • With this code, the card user can shop safely over the internet.

However, in some cases the CVV code may be deleted. In this case, what is required is to learn the security code by going to the relevant bank branch or calling the customer service of the bank . The bank official asks the card user for some credentials before providing the security code. If he doesn’t get the right answers to his questions, he won’t give the CVV code.

If the credit card security code has been deleted, the necessary action is to ask the bank to renew the credit card. In case of deletion of CVV, it is possible to renew the credit card twice a year free of charge by the bank.