EOW arrests two more in Bhubaneswar illegal loan applications case

Bhubaneswar: The Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) of the Odisha Crime Branch has arrested two more people in connection with deceiving people through illegal loan applications.

The EOW on Friday arrested the two alleged perpetrators, identified as Rakshith and Sushanth belonging to Udupi district of Karnataka, Bhubaneswar and presented them to the SDJM court on Saturday.

According to an EO statement, the defendants are the directors of illegal front companies Mudmate Technologies Pvt Ltd, Yellow Tune Technologies Pvt Ltd and Pinkleaf Aryan Communications Pvt Ltd.

As directors of these companies, they were facilitating, in collusion with others, lending and loan recovery through illegal digital lending apps such as KOKO, JOJO and other apps. They were doing this in conjunction with many other shell companies like IWT-India. They also ran a call center in Bangalore which used to make threatening and humiliating calls and massages to lentees and their contacts.

Earlier, Md Javed Saifi, the owner of IWT-India and Tarun Kumar Dudeja, owner of Digital Batua and other dubious front companies were arrested in the matter and an amount of around Rs 6.57 crore in the accounts of Mahagram Payment Pvt Ltd has been frozen.

In addition, 41 post-paid JIO SIM cards in the names of various people to be used in mule accounts were seized from Tarun Kumar Dudeja and 1,058 virtual accounts, belonging to Mahagram, which were used to run the frozen scam.

Ram Shriram Pathade, managing director of Mahagram Payments Pvt Ltd of Sonam Heights in Mumbai, was arrested at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport on May 25.

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