Help my friend Promisecuos get a loan from 40 Loan Apps “Man Cries Out

Help my friend Promisecuos get a loan from 40 loan apps

A certain social media user on nairaland has taken to social media to share the mess he is currently in after his friend used his name as a guarantor for loan on loan applications. He went to his page and shared

“This is a case of incurable addiction. My friend is married and works for the federal government (officer level 7), but he got 2 girls pregnant. One of them is a student at Unilag and her parents insist that she does not have an abortion.

Despite all these love scandals, he still has not repented. When he sees a new lady, he will start behaving like a goat. He will lose his focus and start behaving funny. He won’t rest until he gets the girl’s phone number.

The problem

A few weeks ago I received messages from 2 Loan company threatening me to tell my friend to come and pay his loan or they arrest me. He submitted my number as a guarantor without my consent. I called him to ask him why. He said he was struggling to pay his tuition. He is currently doing his masters at UI.

Much to my dismay, last week I received additional messages from 5 different loan companies. My phone is cluttered with many warning/threat messages from loan companies. One of them even gave me 2 days before coming to my house. I don’t know how they got my address.

I went to my friend’s house dragged him. I asked him to follow me to a nearby police station. He wants to ruin my life. He got sober. He started to confess. He even told me that he was fed up with life, that he wanted to kill himself. Anxiously, I asked “What do you do with all that money?” He claimed to have spent it on his master’s degree program.

It was hard to believe, I kept insisting, he later confessed that he had actually spent the money on dates and hookups. Whenever he needs fck he will just go and order girls online, search for loan company and apply. He receives the money immediately. He also sponsored the birthday of one of his girlfriends by getting a soko instant loan.

The final shock of my life came when he erroneously said, “As I am now, 40 loan companies are after my life. I’m considering suicide.” It was like someone was slapping me. At first I thought he was joking. I asked “Are loan companies in Nigeria even up to 40?”. He replied “they are more than 300 sef”. Imagine, these mdfckin loan companies were just paying out money to this idiat.

The mdfckin didn’t know why I looked downcast. He thought I was sad for him, he didn’t know I was afraid the 40 loan companies would come and threaten me later.

I’m really in the soup. How can I protect myself from these loan companies.

Loan app is a money borrowing app where people can easily borrow money and have it transferred to their bank account without having to go to the bank or use collateral,

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