Lending Apps: Debtor Contacts Also Receive Abuse and Dirty Pictures | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: Taking out a loan over the phone can not only compromise the privacy of the borrower, but also cause enormous anguish to the borrower’s contacts through intimidating language and a deluge of obscene content .
A new breed of loan collectors is prowling cyberspace in the age of Covid. Often, those who take out loans that seem easy to obtain have to give access to their phones to obscure lenders. Even after people have repaid their loans, debt collectors continue to extort money from them. Agents threaten to leak intimate photos of borrowers’ phones or upload processed images that can devastate reputations.
Also, in many cases, borrowers’ phone contacts are inundated with harassing calls. Some have even been threatened with sexual violence.
Officers from the CID Crime Cyber ​​Crime Unit said they have recorded an increase in such cases in Gujarat. Loan collectors have used tactics of this nature in some southern states and parts of Maharashtra.
“Since November 2021, we have been seeing harassment from debt collectors online,” an officer said. “The victims come from several parts of Gujarat.”
According to Ahmedabad police records, Bapunagar stock broker Yash Patel in December last year applied for a loan of Rs 10,000. He searched on Google and found an app to borrow money. ‘money. He got Rs 7,500 after deducting various fees. He repaid 10,000 rupees within a week but started receiving extortion calls.
Moreover, five new apps were downloaded to his phone and he received an unsolicited loan of Rs 25,000. Patel was pressured for two months to pay an exorbitant amount. Later, transformed photos of him, his friends and family members went viral.
A farmer from Himmatnagar in Sabarkantha, Krunal Patel, had in October 2021 taken out a loan through an app on the advice of a friend. Patel initially asked for Rs 6,000 and received Rs 3,280 after deductions. He repaid the money within a week. Later, he applied for loans from 21 applications and ended up in debt of Rs 5 lakh. He refunded Rs 7.44 lakh but the refund requests never stopped.
Later, 744 contacts on his phone received abusive calls. Officers also sent doctored photos to his contacts and uploaded the obscene images to social media platforms.
Ajay Solanki, a clothing manufacturer from Behrampura, filed a complaint with cybercrime police last Wednesday, saying scammers leaked photos of his wife as he could not repay the ever-increasing interest charges.
Solanki had taken loans from 14 apps amounting to Rs 1.20 lakh and repaid Rs 2.36 lakh in January.
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