Now handbook for Mumbai cops on handling loan applications

In view of increase in cases, Mumbai police release 20-page booklet, laying out SOPs for filing FIRs as many cops are unaware of the process for such frauds

The pamphlet issued by the Mumbai Police

Educate the city cops fake loan apps, Mumbai Police issued a 20-page booklet, setting out Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and distributed 5 booklets to each police station. The booklet explains offenses related to loan applications and gives instructions on how to record and investigate such cases and the documents needed for this.

The threat of online loan applications is increasing as more and more citizens fall prey to them. midday made a series of reports covering the myriad of issues, compelling the government to act. Senior officials had also instructed cops to take complaints about loan applications seriously.

The brochure mentions the modus operandi of loan applications, how citizens are tricked into them, details agents should seek from complainants for effective action and investigation. It also covers important aspects such as fund flow or money trail.

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“The booklet is very useful because many officers, who sit at the police station to register cases, do not know how to file FIRs for this type of fraud. The booklet not only gives an overview of these apps and how they work, but explains how to register cases and what documents are required for investigation,” a senior police officer said.

In the foreword to the brochure, Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Pandey wrote: “As cases of fake loan applications are widely reported in the city of Mumbai, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been introduced for police officers/men in Mumbai to facilitate understanding of the modus operandi from fake loan application fraud and implementation of a standard procedure for investigating such cyber crime cases.”

Number of booklets sent to each police station

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